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The Mustang
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The Mustang$30.00
Warm Salsa, Sweet Hot Jalapenos, Pickles & Cajun Spice
Item Number: Mustang
Special Instructions:
The Appaloosa$30.00
Mild Salsa, Pickles, Cali Garlic & Steak Rub
Item Number: Appaloosa
Special Instructions:
The Palomino$30.00
Warm Salsa, Jerk Spice, Pickles & Sweet Hot Jalapenos
Item Number: Palomino
Special Instructions:

Western Pleasure
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Western Pleasure$30.00
Mild & Warm Salsas, Sweet Hot Jalapenos & Steak Rub
Item Number: Pleasure
Special Instructions:
Western Spice$30.00
Steak Rub, Cajun Spice, California Style Garlic Salt & BBQ Rub
Item Number: WSpice
Special Instructions:
The Chisolm$50.00
Mild & Warm Salsa, Pickles, BBQ Rub, Cajun Spice, Cali Garlic & Steak Rub
Item Number: Chisolm
Special Instructions:

The Lonesome Dove
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The Lonesome Dove$50.00
Warm Salsa, Pickles, Sweet/Hot Jalapenos, BBQ Rub, California Style Garlic Salt, Steak Rub & Cajun Spice
Item Number: Dove
Special Instructions:
The Lone Ranger$50.00
Warm & Mild Salsas, Sweet/Hot Jalapenos, BBQ Rub, Steak Rub, Cajun Spice & Cali Garlic Salt
Item Number: Ranger
Special Instructions:
The Tombstone Spice$50.00
(2)Steak Rubs,(2)Cajun Spice, BBQ Rub, , California Style Garlic Salt
Item Number: TSpice
Special Instructions:

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