Why Cutters Cross?

From Pete Benes former owner of Cutters Cross - "I would like to visit with you about using Cutters Cross for your fundraising needs.

My young daughters, Rachel and Morgan are constantly bringing home fundraisers from school or other places. These fundraisers are very consistant in that there is a sub-par product list to choose from, inflated prices and most of the products are imported from overseas. Not to mention, you very seldom ever know how much of your total sales are going to the organization raising the funds.

What if your organization was offering a specialty, gourmet food product that was made in Oklahoma by an Oklahoma based company? Futhermore, what if your supporters knew exactly how much of their purchase was actually going to support your organization?

This is what Cutters Cross has to offer! By selling our locally-made, quality product at our regular retail price, you are supporting your state and local community. We also will list beside each product how much of your money will be going to the organization you are supporting. We like to think this will help you in selling our products and also help your organization have a good and successful fund raising experience and remember. . .

"God gives you life... Let Cutters Cross spice it up!"


*We are proud to be an Oklahoma company with Oklahoma-made products.
*We offer a variety of gourmet salsas and spices sure to suit just about everyone's taste buds.
*All of our products are made with fresh produce and spices.
*Our products are made without the use of MSG, harmful additives and preservatives.
*There is no out-of-pocket, or upfront, money needed to start our fundraiser(s).
*No hidden fees for sample parties (over 50), brochures, packaging, and/or delivery of products.
*We offer 50% profit for non-profit organizations.
*We offer seller incentives-AT NO CHARGE TO YOUR ORGANIZATION!

How This Works:

With Cutters Cross Fundraising, our brochures not only have the price of the product, but we also list with that the exact dollar amount that is coming back to you. You know, your group knows, and your customers, or supporters, know how much of each purchase is going straight to the organization. Then when its time to turn the orders in, you simply make the total deposit into your bank, we send you an invoice letting you know how much to remit back to our company, you send our total to us and keep the rest! We even deliver to your facility for FREE!!

With Cutters Cross Down Home Gourmet Fundraising, you can rest assured knowing that your organization is selling a delicious, healthy, gourmet product at a reasonable price. There are no ridiculous mark-ups here. Our fundraiser prices are the equivalent as our regular retail prices, so you know you are getting the same quality product at the same price.

Traditional Fundraiser

Traditional Fundraiser

Our Traditional Fundraiser approach offers a wide variety of products for your supporters. This line includes 10 of our individual products and 5 gift box choices! This fundraiser is superb for smaller groups, but can be used by any group regardless of size. Our "packet" for this fundraiser feature a 2-sided color brochure, carbon copy order form, and collection envelope. We also like to attach a cover sheet/checklist for parents (which include information regarding where the funds are being applied, total goal, when order forms and money are due back and whom to contact for questions), but this is optional and is provided at no additional cost to your group.

Give us a call at 405.370.9516 to set up a consultation with free samples!!

Custom Label Fundraiser

Custom Label Fundraiser

Our Custom Label Fundraiser is our newest line and is better suited for larger groups and/or schools. In this fundraiser choice, you choose one (maybe 2, depending on group size) of our salsas or our Sweet Hot Jalapenos to sell. We will then get from you your organization's logo, mascot, or image of your choice, colors and have a custom label created to be applied to the jars! Same delicious Cutters Cross recipes with your group's logo on them! Our packet for this fundraiser feature a full color, custom brochure tailor-made to show your logo with order form on the back, collection envelope, and optional parent letter/checklist. This type of fundraiser requires a minimum of 50 participants with a 2 year committment, or a 100+ participants without a committment.

Give us a call at 405.370.9516 to set up a consultation with free samples!!

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